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Society as a whole benefit when people speak out about wrongdoings. In the workplace, an individual decision to report fraudulent or criminal activity is difficult but necessary to society. These claims are known as ‘whistleblowing, which refers to anytime a member of an organization (or a former member) tells someone else about an illegal or immoral practice, if the telling is done in the hope that someone will do something to change the practice. California and Federal law provisions in the Federal False Claims Act and the California Qui Tam laws are meant to encourage people to report fraud to the government. Labor laws provide benefits for employees who bring whistleblower claims against the organizations they’re apart of. These laws also protect employees, or former employees, from retaliation when reporting bad conduct. If you qualify as a whistleblower, you may be entitled to a monetary award and you will be protected from retaliation by your employer. Our experienced whistleblower attorneys at True Legal Employment Law Group help you in your whistleblower case and assure you the protection you deserve under the law. The whistleblower laws are very complex. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced attorney to protect your interests and provide the fullest possible value to your case.

True Legal Employment Law Group has the experience and resources to protect you in whistleblower litigation. Our employment attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients in the field of employment law, and we only represent employees; never employers.

Whistleblowers on Fraudulent or Dangerous Workplace Activity

When you ‘blow the whistle’ about certain wrong doings in the workplace you can receive protection against retaliation for reporting fraudulent circumstances. The False Claims Act allows qui tam lawsuits.  Qui tam lawsuits allow you to take the place of the government in a claim involving fraud. If your case can prove the government was defrauded by your employer or former employer, you will receive a percentage of the recovery towards your case. Qui tam cases general involve Medical Provider Billing Fraud Cases, Defense Contracting Cases, Off-label Marketing Cases, and Kickback Cases.

If the wrongful conduct does not involve the government, you may still have a case as a whistleblower in California. If you discover that your employer is breaking the law by committing fraud or conducting unnecessary workplace activity, you need to speak with an attorney about possible whistleblower protection and case provisions.

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