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Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Workplace Retaliation Attorney

In California, retaliation laws are designed to protect you, the employee, against stands you might take in the work place. Our Workplace Retaliation Lawyers at True Legal Group represent employees who get fired for doing the right thing. Workplace retaliation includes employees who oppose unlawful company conduct, file a complaint against their boss, or testify against the company they work for. All cases of workplace retaliation are illegal under California law. Should you have experienced anything such as retaliation, you may have a claim against your employer to monetary damages.

The attorneys at True Legal Employment Group provide relief when an employer retaliates against an employee. An employer ‘retaliates’ against an employee when the employer fires, demotes, lays-off, or does something that adversely affects the terms and conditions of the employee’s job because the employee opposed any forbidden practices under California law.

What is Workplace Retaliation?

There are many ways that employers retaliate against employees:

  • Terminating/firing
  • Demoting their position
  • Giving them fewer hours at work
  • Giving them only undesirable work or shifts
  • Making harassing, derogatory or otherwise negative statements
  • Threats

How Much Does a Retaliation Attorney Cost?

Our retaliation attorneys at True Legal Employment Law Group only charge a contingency fee which means you don’t pay us unless you win! This means that the client doesn’t pay expenses out-of-pocket, but rather the lawyer is paid a percentage of what is recovered at the conclusion of the case.

Contacting True Legal Employment Law Group

If you feel you have been the victim of retaliatory employment practices or other employment-related injustice, contact True Legal Group today to see how we can help. You are not required to consult with a retaliation lawyer, however, these cases are extraordinarily complex and requires a well-trained professional who knows the ins and outs of retaliation claims to maximize the value of your case. It’s also important to contact an attorney as soon as the retaliation, whether firing, demotion or harassment occurs. As the statute of limitations ticks away, memories fade and witnesses lose contact. Contact True Legal Group as soon as possible for your free no obligation consolation.




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