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True Legal Group is an Employment Law Firm Helping Employees Statewide from: Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco


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About True Legal Group, a California Employment Law Service:  Serving Employees Wrongfully Terminated, Discriminated Against, Sexual Harassed in the Workplace, Whistleblowers, and Unpaid Wages.

We are the leading plaintiff employment and litigation law group servicing cities across California including Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco. We have decades of experience successfully representing employees in lawsuits against their employers. All our attorneys have collected tens of millions of dollars for wrongfully terminated, discriminated, sexually harassed victims, wage and hour violation, and medical and family leave cases.

True Legal Group is recognized throughout the legal and business community as an influential and revered contributor to employees across California. No case is too small or too large for our firm. Our employment attorneys are an ally for you on your case and we are available 7 days week to address all your concerns.

We understand addressing an employment issue is never easy for an individual or loved one. Our employment lawyers are here to take over your legal burden and help you alleviate as much of your stress as we can. We provide all initial legal consultations free of charge and all consultations receive confidential notice no matter if you hire our firm for your case or not.

We specialize in helping employees who fall victim in the workplace, let True Legal Group help you today. If you need help, call us or email us for a free consultation.

What to Expect When You Work with True Legal Group

We care about you. Our firm is not about how many cases we can get or how much revenue we generate. Our employment law services came into play over a decade ago because we genuinely care about helping employees.  We want to know you personally so we can best represent your interests and help you wherever needed.  Our firm takes the time to get to know you from the very beginning of your case. We are employment lawyers who can go the extra mile for you to get your case in the best possible hands. We offer clients the personalized attention they deserve. When you hire True Legal Group, you will work directly with one of our attorneys in your area, not a less experienced associate or a case manager.  True Legal Group is also equipped to handle large and complex cases, such as those involving multiple parties in a class action lawsuit or numerous legal claims at once. While there are no guaranteed legal outcomes, our solid track record of results serves as a testament to our dedication and perseverance to employees statewide.

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